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Knecht Family memories

The following is a collection of photos of various family member who perished in the Holocaust. In some case, some people in the photo may have survived.

Members of the Knecht Family

Aaron Leib Knecht (1857 - May 1941)
Aaron Leib Knecht (1857 – May 1941) – colourized
In May 1941, during the selection carried out on the market before the deportations of Jews from Nowy Dwór to the camp-prison in Pomiechówek, the Nazis murdered 28 people. During the burial of corpses in the Jewish cemetery, a Gestapo asked Aaron Knecht (who was laying victims in the tomb) how many dead Jews he counted. When he answered 28, then Gestapo shot Knecht and said: “and now it is twenty-nine”.
Sura Rifka Knecht nee Lejzerowicz
Sura Rifka Knecht nee Lejzerowicz the wife of Aaron Leib Knecht (daughter of Szoel Lejzerowicz & Fagi Ruchla Cybulska)

1867 – Nov 1940

Children of Lemel KnechtChildren of Lemel Knecht
Left to Right:
Dawid “Duddy” Knecht 1934 – abt 1942
Chaim Knecht 1931 – abt 1942
Abram Knecht 1929 – abt 1942All killed it is believed in Auschwitz.
Bermanson SistersLeft to Right:
Zlata Bermanson (? – abt. 1943)
Sara Bermanson (? – Oct 1942)
Feiga Bermanson (1914 – abt 1943)

Ruchel Leah Bermanson (nee Knecht) 1880- 1943 the sister of Aaron Leib Knecht with her husband Mosihe Bermanson ? -1943 and grandson Yosel-Chaim Brykman 1933-1943

Sara Krystal nee Bermanson with children and niece
Left to Right
Joseph Krystal 1926 – 2000
Mariem Krystal 1931 – Oct 1942
Sara Krystal nee Bermanson
Shmile Krystal 1929 – Oct 1942
Rifka Bermanson 1923 – 2011
Nachem Krystal 1933 – Oct 1942

Ethel Knecht
Ethel Knecht 1901 – 1943 with her husband Moishe Aaron Szydlo ? – 1943

Family Members (Fuchs and Radzyner)

Chana Radzyner nee Fuchs
Chana Radzyner nee Fuchs
1877 – abt 1943
Grandmother of Morton Knecht
Necha Belfer nee Fuchs

Necha Belfer nee Fuchs
abt 1880 – abt 1943
Sister of Chana Radzyner

Rachel Radzyner 1905 – 1942
Hershel Radzyner 1908 – abt 1943
The aunt and uncle of Morton Knecht.

Cyrel Leah Belfer
1914 – 1943
Daughter of Necha Belfer
Chaim & Cyrel Leah Abramczyk
Engagement photo of Chaim Abramczyk (1894 – 1939) to Cyrel Leah Radzyner (1900 – 1943) the aunt of Morton Knecht
Chaim Abramczyk

Chaim Abramczyk 
1894 – Dec 1939
Photo taken shortly after his release from Nazi toruture.

Died as a result of torture by the Nazis




Abramczyk Family

The Abramczyk Family
Left to Right
Chana Radzyner
Chaim Abramczyk
Jankiel Abramczyk (1924 – 1943)
Cyrel Leah Abramczyk nee Radzyner
Mania Abramczyk (1930 – 1943)

Grandchildren of Chana RadzynerCousins of Morton Knecht

Symche Felner (1934-1942) son of Rachel Radzyner
Jankiel Abramczyk
Mania Abranczyk

Morton and Cousins

Morton Knecht with Family

Left to Right
Mania Abramczyk
Faiga Knecht (1930 -2020) sister of Morton
Morton Knecht
Faiga Elefenbejn (1924 – abt 1942)
Jankiel Abramczyk